The Fox Questionnaire – Anais Mitchell

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Anais Mitchell took the Fox Questionnaire. Here’s the result.

Has a song ever saved your life?
Songs have definitely made life feel cosmically significant.

You’re an instrument, what are you and who’s playing you?
I’m a violin played by a little kid.

Which song is stuck in your head right now?
It’s a song from this old record by my friend Felix/FDR. “Nothing good or alive ever stays the same, flying on a big jet plane, out of JFK”. The whole record is so catchy!

What makes you mad, what calms you down?
Conservative news shows, manipulative people / My husband (calms me down that is)

What’s the most beautiful sound to your ears?
At the risk of cliche, in this moment, in the middle of a long tour, imma have to say silence.

And the ugliest one?
In the olden days when you’d connect to dialup internet and the computer made that crazy series of sounds! For the sounds themselves, and for the way computers have disfigured our lives, and how we didn’t see it coming back then.

You can ask anyone one question? What is it?
I ask Leonard Cohen if he wants to come for dinner.

Your best live memory?
After we did our “hadestown roundup” show at le poisson rouge in new york, the cast and most of the audience marched to washington square park in solidarity with the occupy movement, singing these old protest songs. It was awesome, I’ll never forget that.

The best advice you could give anyone?
A young guy I lived with once wrote a song that went, “Move with what moves you, kid”. I’ll second that. I try to remember that.

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