Anaïs Mitchell – Young Man In America [Review]

youngmaninamerica Anaïs Mitchell   Young Man In America [Review]Anaïs Mitchell – Young Man In America (Wilderland Records.2012)

Anaïs Mitchell belongs to the great tradition of American songwriters depicting a society in all its beauty and suffering. With her new record Young Man In America, Mitchell confirms what she had us suspecting with her previous work; being just as skilled as her mentors and collaborators Ani DiFranco or Justin Vernon. It’s pretty hard to put a label on this release that is as folk as roots as experimental and cinematic.

Daughter of writer Don Mitchell, Anaïs clearly got the writing gene too. Young Man In America is very much about the lyrics and the stories but the songs never forget the musical arrangements and their quality is stunning.

Mitchell managed to release a deep atmospheric album filled with stories, faces and unique melodies embracing the difficult topics of family (He Did), freedom (Young Man In America) or feminity (Venus). The sound is full, the stories feel true and her voice has found exactly how to tell them. Probably an album that will end up on many 2012’s best albums lists.



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