Mar 122014

Today the Fox stumbled upon Livy Conner, a folk singer-songwriter from Charleston, SC. She’s one of our new Soundcloud sweethearts. Livy’s voice is as sweet as deep, as rich as smooth and her songs are seriously well crafted. We’re waiting for some more.

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Mar 012014

What’s this? February’s a bitch? I don’t think so. February is Fresh Awesome Releases month. And what now? Yes, 3 of the Fox all time favorite artists released a new album within days.

Number 3. Lydia Loveless. Somewhere Else. Lydia walks away from her previous all alt-country records and delivers a much more Rock & Roll piece of work. We actually preferred her back on the bottle, but it still is a good album with good moments such as:

Lydia’s got soul. So let’s trust the direction she (it) takes.

nothingbutblood 300x300 February is Music Christmas TimeNumber 2. Scott H. Biram. Nothin’ But Blood.

So Scott goes back to his punk ways. Nothin’ new. The blues is still there, in patches, but you’ll love this record if you love Scott in Blood, Sweat and Murder mode. If you love him for his Sinkin’ Down moments, you might not find this your favorite record of his. But it’s still pretty good. Turn it up real loud or turn it down completely. There ain’t no middle ground possible.

Number 1 Eilen Jewell. Boundary County.

Her previous album was called Queen Of The Minor Key. This new one, Boundary County, feels like a reminder just in case you thought she wasn’t serious. Because Boundary County is seriously blue and seriously slow.  But it’s probably on sad slow songs that Eilen’s jewell of a voice really comes to shine. And this is a damn beautiful album. We don’t do the poetic prose on reviews because it’s boring, but one thing worth noting: her Billy Holiday influences never came across so strong and it works like a charm on that sweet feet dragging Americana. Eilen is one of America’s greatest singers these days, so stop by on whatever digital radio you use and check her out and fall in love and thank us later.

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Aug 222013

A new addition to our Fox Favorite List today is Jungle Blues, by C.W Stoneking. A man with soul if there ever was any.

Jungle Blues is a timeless album. If you don’t know who Stoneking is, you could easily think that he was a buddy of Hank Williams or Bill Monroe. He probably died a long time ago somewhere on the road…and all that. But he didn’t. Stoneking is alive and playing at festivals and if you ever have the chance you should most definitely try to catch him on stage and be directly exposed to his country crooning, his blues yodling and crazy stories.

So in Jungle Blues you got the trumpets, the brass artillery, the banjo and the resonators putting up their show. But mostly you got the stories of Stoneking. At the Fox here we are big fans of storytellers, and C.W Stoneking is one of the best we came across in the past few months. There is liquor in his voice, soul in his melodies and as a (rare) bonus a good dose of humor all around.


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